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    Kate is the top reason I loved working at UserZoom (nobody tell Rich)! I worked alongside Kate on Panel projects at UserZoom for almost a year and a half. Kate's world-class excellence in design, strategy, and communicative skill across execs and colleagues injected strong trust and momentum for the product team's work from the very get go. When working together, it was both a joy and an aspirational example for me to watch how she fluidly and deftly managed to get people with previously completely opposing perspectives on board with the same idea very quickly. I've frequently described her as having "UN-levels of diplomacy, except also very effective".

    Jenny MaProduct Manager

    I had the absolute pleasure of working with Kate when she served as the Director of Product Design at UserZoom. Kate is uniquely talented in her ability to paint a strategic vision for upper management, and at the same time, break down seemingly impossible design challenges into achievable tasks that developers are happy to tackle. I highly recommend Kate!

    Sarah TannehillProduct Manager

    Working with Kate at Blackline has been an OUTSTANDING experience. She is really damn good at UX and excellent at blending common sense with complex UX. Her work ethic, tenacity, passion and wisdom of her comps shows she knows how to be in complete control of requirements and expectations.

    Addam DriverSoftware Engineering Manager

    Kate is a highly professional and very talented experience designer. BlackLine's application is complex for non-accountants, but Kate had a way of cutting through the minutiae and suggesting great solutions that would work for the product and the clients. She keeps the user at the center of the discussion, and will work tirelessly to ensure the quality of her deliverables. I would highly recommend Kate for any team that is interested in innovative problem solving!

    Carolyn GawkowskiVP of Experience Design